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Laser Cutting Mild Steel, Stainless & Aluminum


Our Cincinnati CL 707 laser helps us overcome the limitations of conventional lasers through enhanced straight line cutting speed, a 4000 watt resonator with beam enhancement optics, and 400 psi assist gas capabilities. The active motion system provides us with extremely accurate cuts using linear motors and encoders. In addition, with a positioning speed of 10,000 inches per minute and dual pallets, our operators can load and unload materials onto one pallet, while our laser continues cutting on the other pallet, allowing for maximum efficiency.

We’ve worked hard to understand the software, gas dynamics, beam focus, material grades, and thicknesses to achieve accurate, fast, and reliable cuts with our Cincinnati CL 707.

We have also invested in producing Nitrogen onsite thus reducing our dependence on outside suppliers and ultimately reducing the cost of cutting for our customers.

Common Metals We Cut Include:


*Stainless Steel



Your project is clean and cost efficient

 Lazer Cutting Video Below

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